Safety Face Shield | Double Anti-Fog PET

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A safe alternative to standard disposable masks, the safety face shield manufactured with double anti-fog PET and has a comfortable sponge head cushion that is thick and durable. The hypoallergenic foam band is also able to absorb sweat and provide ample room for eyeglasses, safety goggle and disposable face masks.



  • DOUBLE ANTI-FOG PET – Each face shield provides a large barrier that spans the user’s face and blocks airborne droplets. The double anti-fog PET that covers the shield gives you maximum visibility and clarity when using this face shield.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC FOAM BAND – High quality materials make up the foam band that holds the face shield in place. The hypoallergenic foam band absorbs sweat and provides enough room for equipment underneath.
  • GREAT COMFORT – Manufactured with thick and comfortable sponge material that reduces fatigue during longer periods of wear. The vented foam design allows for increased air flow and comfort. Sonically welded bands give the face shield great strength and durability.
  • WIDE-USE – Safety face shields may cover more surface area in some circumstances, than other traditional methods and can be used in a variety of industries.


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