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Disposable Pedicure Bar is great for single-use, individual pedicures – providing your clients with a premium pedicure experience and reducing the risk of spreading bacteria or germs. Each pumice bar is constructed to be strong and durable, with a coarse surface to quickly break down calluses and build-ups. Strong double-sided grit prevents easy breaking and works great especially when wet.


  • Strong and durable disposable Pumice Bar
  • Coarse and strong grit on both sides, works great especially when wet
  • Single-use disposable use reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and germs
  • Quickly provide a clean and safe pedicure for each client

Product Dimensions

  • Disposable pumice bar: 3" x 1.65"


 Unit Price

100 Pieces
$0.19 per piece
1000 Pieces $0.09 per piece

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